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I read every morning and every night. It’s how I like to start my day and end it. Most of the time I read blogs/news that I’ve subscribed to over time. This morning two articles jumped out and grabbed me.

I felt proud.
April Groves shared a great message about kindness and the power it holds above anger, frustration, and cruelty. Her message is absolutely something I believe in. She was also kind enough to include me as an example.

Then reality slapped me.
Mark Goulston shared thoughts on the difference between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. He says, “Self-confidence is believing in your competence and your ability to do something, whereas self-esteem is believing in your goodness.” I think I have a lot of both, so I took his quick test.

I have work to do.
I scored a 22. Which was a great balance to being lifted up in April’s post. I’m honored she feels that way about me, but the fact that I took the time to write this silly blog post shows that I am still too selfish. The comments connected with my score confirm it. “You are under the belly of the bell shaped curve with the majority people. You could certainly improve, but you are also certainly a decent person.”

I must improve. Everything.

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