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A day that defines my family more than any other

My father has three important women in his life, and since it’s my father we’re talking about, they have the same importance to me. His mother, his first wife, and his current wife. My grandmother, my mom, and my step-mom. See how important these women are to my life, but it’s still better to share this story through my father’s lens.

My Grandmother Started All This

My dad’s mother was born on April 8th. She turns 80 today and the boys (me, my brother, and my dad) have some special plans for her later this evening. Let’s just pause and think of how the world has changed in 80 years. She was born in 1934 when Iran was still Persia. Alcatraz was opened this same year. John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson are robbing banks and running from the FBI. The Loch Ness Monster is ‘photographed’ and created. Three Stooges hit the screen. FDR creates The New Deal and SEC. Adolph Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany. and Babe Ruth signs his last contract for $35,000, oddly Babe Ruth plays an important role today. My grandmother has seen a lot, experienced a lot, and loved a lot. She obviously loves her family, but she also loves baseball and especially the Atlanta Braves!

Happening Once is Odd

My dad’s first wife was also born on April 8th. My parents met in high school, fell in love, got married, had a baby, it was a boy, they called him Brad. More than a sign of the times, this is crazy. The girl he marries shares the same birthday as his mom. But that’s cool, makes it easy to remember and a really great story to tell about the important women in his life. They had me and my little brother and at one point they drove us around in a Blue Cougar and Orange Fiesta, loved the 80s car colors. Also, mom is a Braves fan too.

Happening Twice is Freaky

My dad’s second wife was also born on April 8th. For real. No Joke. Can’t make this up. All 3 of the most important women in my dad’s life were all born on April 8th. I couldn’t ask for a better step-mother. She’s kind, loving, and truly enjoys being a part of this family. This crazy weird family that happened because they were all born on April 8th. Geez, dad, did you ever even date someone who wasn’t born on April 8th?

So Today We Celebrate

It seems each year on April 8th, I go buy 3 cards, make 3 phone calls, and then do something special for one of the three ladies. This year it’s my grandmother’s special day – she turns 80! I’ll take mom to lunch today. My wife and my brother’s wife are going to tea with all the grandkids and my grandmother and step-mother.

And don’t forget about Hank, the King

Forty years ago my mom was in Atlanta Fulton Stadium the night before her birthday. The night before Hank Aaron hit his 715th Home Run. Yes, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record on, wait for it… April 8th. A black man in the deep south broke a record in America’s Favorite Sport that was held since 1935 by a white man. Let’s pause and listen to legendary announcer Vin Scully call this moment, pay close attention to his comments between 2:40 – 3:30. I just love how it ends with family.

Back to my family and the celebration… GiGi, my grandmother’s name ever since she became a Great-Grandmother, is going to the Ted for the Braves Home Opener and celebrate Hank Aaron’s 40th Anniversary of breaking Babe’s record while she celebrates her 80th with the boys.

Dad couldn’t have picked a better day to do it.