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I sometimes share my thoughts, but mostly I don’t.

Where is my mind?

one of my favorite songs (and bands) of all time. impossible to find a good video of it on youtube. was stoked when I found this high of quality live version. ------------------------------------------------------- Oooh - stop With your feet in the air and your head...

“special interest truckstops called websites”

i love some of the quotes in this 1995 MTV news video about 'the internet'. plus cameos by Sandra Bullock, Coolio, & R2D2. a great opening quote by Billy Corgan. oh, did you see those great web graphics?

Sign me up for this book

I know. Trendy. Boring. Nerdy. But it's such a powerful metric. and this is such a great teaser video.

Winter Winds

These guys may be getting overplayed in certain circles, but I'm still enjoying their music.

Communication Architecture Presentation

I spoke today about Communication Architecture to a group of Realtors, Attorneys, Inspectors, and other real estate industry professionals. [ilink url="" style="download"]Download Presentation Slides[/ilink]...