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“No, you can call me Wolverine, snikty snikty snoin snikt snikt.”

My friend Rob reminded of that classic line from Mallrats when we first spoke about the arrival of our first child, Logan Fenton Nix . We did not specifically name our son after a comic book hero, but if I were to do such a thing, Wolverine is not a bad choice.

I want to extend a deep and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who called, visited, sent cards, mailed gifts and showered us with love and support during the most special time of our lives. Some of you even made me look bad by sending cashmere and Tiffany boxes (my wife doesn’t get those things from me). Seriously, thank you all for everything.

Logan is doing great! Mom and dad are the happiest and proudest zombies alive (or living dead). We can’t wait for you to meet our little Wolverine!

Video is rated R, but the first 30 seconds give you the classic Wolverine line.