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And I’m not quoting a Linda Cohn catch phrase.  Just sharing a really cool experience we had as a family today.

After the debacle of dragging a dead Christmas tree out the front door when it was so dry it had no flex and therefore scratched the door frame to hell, Rachel and I took our little wolverine to Elevation Chophouse for lunch.  We knew he’d love to watch the planes taxi, fill up with gas, plus take off and land.  We never expected the food to be good.  Bonus!

Elevation is located at McCollum Airport.  So, if you’re looking for something fun to do in Kennesaw – take some time to check out Elevation (bring your kids at lunch time, as I’m guessing it’s a pretty good bar scene in the evenings as they have 2 bars in a small restaurant).  But I suggest removing your Christmas tree before it’s dead, for your door frame’s sake – or just get a smaller tree in general.

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