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I read.  A lot.  It makes me at least feel smarter.  Most of the stuff I read is on the web.  Just today, I read that Everything that can be measured, will be.  I tend to agree.

But how will all this data be shared efficiently, effectively, accurately?
Enter Tangle.

Tangle is a new way to fuse interactive design, programming, and writing to make communication more transparent.  FastCo Design has a great article on the details of who made tangle, how, and why.

If you’ve read to this point, or returned after clicking one of the above links, then you may be a data nerd.

Okay Nerds.
You must want to see more.  Check out this example of turning brochure-speak into interactive analysis.  wow.  Interactive Infographics.  wow.

And for those still with me.
Let’s imagine a few cool uses for this type of programming…

1.  Financial Services.  wouldn’t it be nice to see the impact of rates, years, fees, etc… on every product?
2.  Real Estate.   ‘how’s the market’  just found interesting answers.
3.  Health.  counting calories, exercising, prescription analysis, etc… it all gets better.
4.  Social Media.  whatever that is.
5.  The World at Large.  If everything that can be measured, will be.  Then we’re going to need the future to be awesome as a means of coping with the data overload.