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Today I was going to write about “If, Then” statements as I currently believe they are the simplest form of brilliance ever.  If this happens, then this happens.  If I do this, then the outcome will be this.  If I code this, then that will happen. Therefore, one of my favorite new websites is

If, Then works because…

It’s simple.  It’s focused.  It’s brilliant.  But when I woke up today, someone else had beat me to the punch and covered why:

The Power of Implementation Intentions

So here’s what you get instead…

Over the weekend, I thought I’d finally sign up for Pinterest and check it out.  I knew what it was before signing up, just had never seen any real value in it.  Given it’s popularity and the fact that I am sort of in the technology business with RETSO and all, I figured I should at least sign up and see for myself what I was missing.

My impression so far…

It is really possible to be too social in life.  And this coming from a guy who has been on social networks since day one.  I’ve tried hundreds of new social technologies and yet the last 2 I’ve tried have really left a sour taste.  Spotify and Pinterest are both way too social.  Before I could even set up my first Pinterest board, I had autofollowed dozens of people, received countless followers myself, plus recieved a text message and several facebook messages about my joining of Pinterest.  I had not even posted a single entry yet, geesh.

This concept of making every single experience in life as social as possible is ridiculous.

I’m not saying social is a bad idea, heck it’s actually essential for both personal and business growth today.  But I’d much prefer to earn my social credibility than gain gobs of attention and interest for just showing up.  This is probably the reason I prefer corners in a room crowded with people.  It’s why I’d rather find one or two quality people per party, networking event, conference, etc…  you can have the masses.

In conclusion…

I will keep my Pinterest account for a bit longer, because most of the damage is done for now.  But I did delete my Spotify account last week.  Yes, I know I could go in and change all the settings to make it a more private experience, but that puts work on me to craft an experience which seems counter to the software’s aim in life.  I’m not interested in swimming against the stream just to listen to music on my own terms.  There are just too many other options.
Pinterest better become amazing, else I’ll be deleting it soon as well.