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Pennant is the kind of app that will be the norm for top flight tablet experiences. It takes baseball data and distills it into a format that is engaging to people. Baseball is a pastime. We have thousands of pastimes in our lives. I just hope more pastimes become the passion for developers who want to use the cloud to provide rich experiences and make connections to activities that are a core part of their life.
Bob Horner

RWW used a Bob Horner graphic - this was made for me!

via Love Baseball? An iPad App That Uses the Cloud to Explore a National Pastime – ReadWriteCloud.

Not only is this app amazing, but the simplicity of the Pennant website is right up my alley too.  Love the simple nav and great video combination.  I can immediately imagine other types of data being experienced this way… real estate, finance, health… life itself – would be better.