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Questions become More Valuable.
In an age where information is a commodity, questions become the most valuable part of the equation.

Connected Together.
Thanks to technology, as a population we are more connected to each other than ever before. Therefore everyone knows someone with some semblance of expertise or at least an opinion on just about every topic imaginable. Even better (or worse) we don’t even have to know anyone to get answers and information. We just turn to Google for that stuff. So who are the future authorities, trusted sources, or valuable resources in the information era?

The Question Askers.
Asking the right question, to the right person/resource, at the right time & place is a skill worth developing. In order to be a good service provider we must develop a skill that no machine will ever be able to master… empathy. I’ll be the first to admit that empathy has not been a strong suit of mine in the past. I now work daily to improve this skill.

A friend of mine shared an equation that has stuck with me for many months now:
Observation + Empathy = Insight
If you value real insight, we must first observe (define what it is), and then empathize (define why it is) before we can have eureka (true value/innovation/understanding/etc…).

I no longer seek to provide answers. I am working to ask my coworkers, my clients, my friends, & family the right questions. The ones they’d never think of on their own. The ones that involve emotion and purpose. The ones that are hard to google.

In closing.
My 3 year old has it figured out more than anyone else I know. He always asks… WHY?