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this Birthday Story is all about my dad.

You see, my dad has had three really important women in his life. His mother (my grandmother), for obvious reasons. His first wife (my mom), for more obvious reasons. And his second wife (my step-mom), for even more obvious reasons. Nothing odd about these three women being really important to a man in his lifetime. So, why write this blog post about it?

The three most important women in my father’s life were all born on April 8th.

That’s just weird dad.

I mean it’s freaky that the woman you marry and have two kids with has the same birthday as your mom. But to go through a divorce, then meet a new woman that you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with who also happens to have the same birthday as your mother and ex-wife = freaky.

I celebrated 3 Birthdays for some of the most important women in my life today (as I do every April 8th).  It still freaks me out, but I must say they are REALLY special women.  And it does help me to remember.

Happy Birthday Ladies!    – eat cake

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