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Faina Sechzer memed me (it’s an interview/chain letter type of thing). I don’t like the concept much, but I thought I’d play along anyway, so here goes. . .

1. Who is your favorite musical artist? (post a youtube video)
this is the hardest question I am ever asked.  I love music (all types of music) and could never pick an all-time favorite.  My music selection depends on mood, setting, and objective.  I have different favorites at different points of my life.  Then when you throw in the request to show a video from youtube, it rules out most of my favorite songs because they are not on youtube.  So I have picked to showcase Weezer as one of my favorite artists, mostly because this youtube video also shows the movie Mallrats which shows a glimpse into my other interests.

Other favorite musical artists:

The Rentals

Face to Face

Beastie Boys

Social Distortion

Shout Out Louds

White & Nerdy (had to throw this one in because it’s funny and I can relate to some of the lyrics)

2. Who is your favorite artist? (post a flicker photo)
I’m a Van Gogh fan.  It’s not trendy or edgy, but I just love oil on canvas and expressionism (not the really abstract stuff though).

3. Who is your favorite blogger?

These questions aren’t getting any easier.  I guess I will go with Mark Cuban.  He was one of the first bloggers I read and I find him a free-thinking entrepreneur (I wouldn’t mind being him either).

Recently, I’ve been into Matt Rathbun‘s work in the real estate blog world.

4. If you could meet anyone (alive or dead), who would it be and what is the most interesting thing about them?
I’d love to chat with Mark Cuban, Stan Lee, Adam Horovitz

and Kevin Smith.  But, I’d really love to have had a relationship with my wife’s grandparents.  I hear stories all the time and feel I missed out on some really good people (and good food – they were Italian.)

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A professional baseball player.  I couldn’t hit curve balls well enough to do that.  I still wish I could get paid to play a sport.

6.What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know?
Ted Williams was the last player to hit over .400 in a season (and he didn’t win the MVP that year, Joe DiMaggio did).

7. If you could live in any point in history what would it be and why?
Middle Ages.  I’m still that kid who loves castles, swords, and knights.

8. What is the most interesting job you have ever held?
My first job wasn’t bad.  I worked at the pizza stand at White Water (water park) and got to serve pizza to girls in bikini’s.  At 15-16 years old, what a job!

But by far the most interesting job has been my current real estate career.  Everyday is different and who knows what tomorrow will bring!

I don’t keep up enough with this meme thing to know who to meme next. Plus, I’m not a huge fan, so I’ll just answer my meme and leave it at that.