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Last night was the first time my family went out to dinner by ourselves. The term family still makes me think of mom, dad, brother, cousins, etc… But I am talking about my new family, the one with me, Rachel and Logan (and of course, Mason). We had been out to eat with others, but never just the three of us until last night. It went well, in fact, I felt more like a dad than ever before.

Maybe it was the awkward way you have to carry a car seat with it bouncing off your leg or straining your arm.

Maybe it was the way we had to request a table for two and a half.

Maybe it was the older lady saying ‘awww, how cute’ as we walked by her.

No, I think it was how comfortable I felt with Logan in the booth next to me and Rachel across the table. It just felt like right. I felt like dad.

I know many of you have seen this video of the rapping dad from Atlanta, but I laugh even harder now when I watch it.