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OK, so I’ve been nominated for this (not what this post is about) by the Center for REALTOR Technology. [i just committed a blogging sin by not leading with the real point of the post]


[that’s more like it – H2 title tag and all]

This post is really about the they are hosting that, coincidentally?, coincides with the announcement of the award winners.  I’m just hoping to be smarter than the average bear here and actually spread the love for CRT.  Honestly, I firmly believe that you must give in this world in order to get.  If we all lift up each other, then we’re all better from the efforts.

I was fortunate enough to meet Chris McKeever of CRT earlier this month in Orlando for the GAR Conference.  It was a true pleasure to get to know him (really liked his Star Wars ’empire’ logo as background his phone).  Chris has big plans for CRT and is really trying to make a difference to all REALTOR members .  Kudos to Chris and the gang at CRT for lifting up individuals in hopes that our industry gets better as a whole.

What does the winner get?  A roundtrip to the in November!


So, how can you help me win?  I have no idea, but I bet a few wouldn’t hurt;)

p.s. Be sure to become a fan of the .