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I’ve done a terrible job updating my personal blog these past two years. Mostly because I’ve been working harder than I ever have to build something truly meaningful. It’s been the most challenging endeavor, yet most rewarding experience at the same time. Late nights, early mornings, all-nighters. Reading voraciously, doing constantly, and making intentionally.

Building Acru has been one of the greatest projects/businesses/movements I’ve ever been a part of. It’s a business model designed to deliver wise, trusted advice to people who value such things in life as it relates to their money. Working side by side with Matt Hames and many other awesomely talented and passionate people to build an amazing business is something I may never get to do again in my life. I’m writing now to pause and record this moment.

Designing a Business

We started the business model design process with the customer in mind. Demographic research, personal interviews, surveys, existing customer feedback, complete and total market research to understand the mindset, preferences, and details of our perfect customers. Their public affirmation of the experience we designed for them is incredibly rewarding. Cindy Fournier | Daniel Roberts

Once we determined who we wanted to serve, we then designed a value proposition to meet them where they are in life. Our customers value what we value and seek wisdom and trusted partners in everything they do, especially when it relates to their money. Understanding the type of relationship they preferred, we were able to design an award winning facility to deliver it first hand. The space went beyond just our customers and impacted the entire community. Community Room | Copper Coin Coffee

Making a Difference

We never started this to make a point, only to make a difference. The recognition of our efforts spanning from local to international help confirm we have. Financial Brand | Fast Company | Brand Sherpa Our CEO will be speaking in Australia this summer about the future of bank branch design. Acru was featured in a case study alongside industry darling Umpqua just this past week in Las Vegas. Articles from American Banker to ABA Marketing to excitement from a community just because they heard we might be opening a new location.

Beyond the recognition from outside our walls, it’s the difference we’ve made inside that resonates most with me.

It’s all overwhelming when I pause and think about the past two years. Working through the startup phase in the first year and our parent company failing in the second year didn’t make things easy. I’m tired. and proud.