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I read too much content. It sometimes hinders my productivity. But it also helps me perform better. Makes me a better thinker. And I’m addicted to learning. So. I keep consuming content.

Robert Scoble posted two of the best pieces of content I’ve consumed in some time

The Blog Post about content and context and the Audio Post coupled with it.

Robert explains his thoughts on why Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, and Larry Page are carving up the social world and why this will be the game of all games.

The audio post is over 40 minutes, but I highly encourage everyone to listen to it while viewing his whiteboard. His thoughts are interesting and his willingness to share them in this format is proof that the Game of All Games is worth winning.

It will be critical for companies of all sizes to figure out their role in this Mega Game sooner than later.

Robert Scoble's Whiteboard