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I sometimes share my thoughts, but mostly I don’t.

Introducing Acru

This is the second of two video blog posts I'm doing tonight for two main reasons: 1. I'm proud of the work I'm doing here. 2. I'm testing the Wistia video solution.

The greatest Super Bowl commercial of all-time.

I can't believe it beat out Ferris Bueller, but Budweiser crushed Honda. Doing real good things for real people makes a real difference. If you don't think video is the best form of advertising today, you're crazy. And I can't believe I'm reviewing Super Bowl ads...

If software forces social, then I’m worth less.

Today I was going to write about "If, Then" statements as I currently believe they are the simplest form of brilliance ever.  If this happens, then this happens.  If I do this, then the outcome will be this.  If I code this, then that will happen. Therefore, one of my...

Diffusion of Work

We are all familiar with the Theory of Diffusion of Innovations... Diffusion of Innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. Everett Rogers, a professor of rural sociology, popularized the...

iThrive on #12

I think I do pretty much all of these at least some of the time. But lately I've been thriving on #12. Which one do you thrive on?

This uses the Divi tabs module, so you can style it however you want using Divi's built in design controls! Add links, info, etc...

Pretty nifty eh?

And of course you can add images or whatever you want here too. Tabs are nothing new, but tabs that display inside your mega menu are pretty awesome :)

More awesome stuff goes here

More awesome stuff goes here

More awesome stuff goes here