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Reformation Brewery

The Challenge

Beer has long been held captive by many forces in our culture. Institutions homogenized the flavor, aroma, and appearance of mass produced beer in America. Fads sweep across the country and brewers jump aboard adding this or that to beers just because everyone else is doing it, not because it’s good. Perhaps worst of all, beer is trapped between societies extremes of abuse or abstinence. From marketing of the product to consumption in the community, beer is held hostage by current culture.

The Solution

In a world where knowledge is accessible from anywhere at any time, wisdom becomes the most valuable asset. So we built a collaborative team of specialists who start by seeking to understand each client’s unique story, then work to apply their experience and insights relevant to the client’s transition in order to create a custom experience.

Reformation exists to Set Beer Free from institutional taste, intolerable trends, and social extremes. We believe beer is a connector of conversations and communities. Which is why our branding often includes the dot pattern. Our dots represent the moments where people and place come together for the greater good. We believe it’s our job to create unique products that help connect the dots. #setbeerfree