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The Challenge

Conferences in general, and specifically real estate conferences, had become stale. Stages were filled with corporate sponsors giving thinly veiled sales pitches. The best content was shared in the hallways between sessions. And attendees were treated like prey. On top of all this, technology was disrupting the real estate industry and it felt as if no one was talking about it. RETSO was created in 2008.

The Solution

RETSO galvanized and mobilized an entire community of real estate professionals to do the one thing that will keep them in business – be doers. A collaborative approach to creating conference sessions, where attendees helped shape each year’s content, allowed the event to grow organically. Always relevant, industry thought leaders would gather to share ideas. RETSO became known as the place where Ideas & Doers meet. In short time, RETSO grew to be one of the most respected events in the real estate industry with 800+ attendees from across globe. RETSO hosted it’s last event in 2015.